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IE7 voodoo

"IE"... Sometimes it just needs a bit voodoo to back it up.

Tonight I was helping my girlfriend, Web designer, (portsmouth based) overcome some IE issues, for a site she made for a family friend.

1 problem, A list of tags that cut short for ie7 users, and 2 that her slider was overflowing to the left and to the far ends of nowhere.

Anyway these only took a few minutes to solve, but showed some interesting buggy behaviour and led to a standard issue “let’s start playing with it till it breaks harder – or we fix it.”

I thought it might be happy to share my approach to finding out why IE is trying to destroy your day.

Checkpoints to hit:

  • IE is easy to confuse, so always enforce your element types defaults.
  • IE is stupid so sometimes needs to be forced to treat an object in a certain way, {zoom:1} will enforce it “hasLayout” which will help it to keep its defined width when you have complicated stuff inside, (floats, position:relatives/absolutes etc)
  • IE is nasty, So be nasty back. Don’t be afraid to bust a css-hack on it’s a$$.
  • IE is oldskool! – try not pad elements, Ie uses that other box modeling method and writing !important all over your css is nasty workaround really. Never use width and padding together on an element to avoid width troubles.
  • IE is buggy!, so when all else fails start to experiment… {positon:?; overflow:?; zoom:?; z-index:?; height:?; display:?; float:?!important; }