Some UI

Posted by admin on October 17th, 2011 at 7:56 pm

Working on UI can be fun, and long gone is the time where you would have to rely on native browser UI elements.

I plan on having some fun with this soon, and I want to really contextualise what the user is actually doing (In fact I think this is something deeply overlooked in our industry). In this frame of mind a mutualy exclusive radio selection or filter could be considered a switch, so I’ve made a nice little switch which I can CSS/jQuery up to the natural control – to hopefully contextualise the “switch” or filter a little more for the user, and simplify their process. I beleive its the little things like this that can really help the user along.

This switch could be related to the on off slide switch we have seen in the iOS, but I wanted a clearly visible unfiltered selection.

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