Roll out

Posted by admin on September 29th, 2011 at 7:05 pm

So we rolled out the wiggle mobile site yesterday, pretty cool. For such a release it went pretty well, with the usual surprises along the way. The deployment team did really well And it was kind of cool to be part of it.

Give it a week or two and we can truley start shouting. No one reads this so it doesnt matter!

Now we are manically tying up all the loosends that a project like this brings to light. With such a massive site we have never reaaly had a chance to go through and build it from scratch again there are hundreds of pages to the wiggle framework, being a pretty cool custom build front to back a projekt like this gives us a lot of time to review the site as a whole.

It can be very easy to get caught up in the “money” pages, where you know you can help impact the business on a financial level, you can often loose sight of some of the backend complexities – these though should never be ignored as they are in fact the finer pints of the customer journey and these pages are what will leave a lasting impression with the customer. How they feel through the experience of returning or exchanging an item for example may have a great impact on the decision of wether they’ll shop there again. Where the money pages can provide changes to the initial customer conversion we also need to convert them on the other side of the shopping experience. and leaving a god impression aftersale is as good (I think) as the conversion on the money pages and probably worth alot more as that customer is much more likely to shop again and again.

If you have a great company with great customer care and a focus on satisfaction like I do of course it helps alot.

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