MS Windows 8

Posted by admin on September 20th, 2011 at 6:31 pm

Windows 8 splash

A quick posting on Win8

(Some intersting points giving Credit where its due, design wise its a pertty thing.)

So if you havent already been keeping in the loop about Billywares shiney new OS, Here is your chance.

Designed for operating systems with displays between 7 – 70 inches wide this means from little tablets to mega-screen we can only dream of actualy p0wning.

All in all, I think its the first time theve actually earned their money, this is a truley well though out OS based on the users experience. it caters for moused environments in the same capacity as touch screen, so whatever devices you plan on adorning yourself with you keep the same tidy OS rolling on each of them all nice and in-sync link.

I haven’t anything to install a Dev OS to, so alas, I havent sampled the delights yet, but I’m keen to get my hands on a version and see how it kills applications – or not, as the case would hopefully be.

Whatever happens with it, it’s a great step in bringing the desktop and the web closer, and should open up some interesting doors for web devs.

Doesn’t look good for the IT boys at your work, they are gonna hate it. I would imagine it will take a year for them to start pushing this out.

Ill throw some more links in this soon.

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