Indelible Web Ltd

Indelible Web Ltd.

Isomorphic universal what now?

A new era of web development has approached, Single page application development has now lead to a new movement towards the javascript full stack, where previously many SPA's have been wholly client rendered, we can now force 'universal' rendering across the server and client using the same source files.

less fragmentation === more concisely built applications.

This website is powered by a node server, running a mongo database, with views powered by React, allowing for an isomorphically renedered experience (snappy, and naturally crawlable/indexable)

  • Disclaimer, this is a beta site under development, trying out some quick layout ideas etc.

Your New Contract Web Developer

10 years + of professional web development experience, mainly working with high traffic sites where performance and experiences matter.

I have implemented a corporate iOS application including server requirements and security, while mainly concentrating on front-end develoment

I can help your web project succeed, what shall we build?